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Our Process

We take pride in the thorough steps we take to ensure your rug is in top condition. We recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year.

Cleaning your area rugs not only removes dirt and grime, but can help reduce allergens like pet hair and dust mites, which become trapped in the fibers. Having your area rug professionally cleaned can make any room appear brighter and more fresh!

Step One

Rugs are fed through a mechanized beater. The beater vibrates the loose particles out of the rug. 74-79% of dirt in a rug is non-soluble dry soil. The first step is to remove this soil and run it through a mechanized machine before we move to the wet cleaning portion.
Beater — Oriental rug cleaning in Gorham, ME
Drying room — Oriental rug cleaning in Gorham, ME

Step Two

Area rugs are then laid out and inspected for a problem areas, pre-treatment is then sprayed on the rugs. We use an oriental shampoo to clean your rugs. We then remove all residue with an extraction process. After, we groom the pile of the rug to ensure it lays in the correct direction.

After cleaning, rugs are thoroughly dried in a heat & Humidity controlled dry room.

Step Three

Once the drying process is completed, the rugs are laid out and inspected. Those that need more attention are set aside for either a re-clean or fringe touch-up. The rugs that pass inspection are then vacuumed with industrial grade vacuums which remove any last dirt particles or residue.

Rugs are then rolled up and prepared for pick-up and delivery. We also have the option to have your rug rolled up in paper for long-term storage, if needed.
Vacuum — Oriental rug cleaning in Gorham, ME